Roll Of Honour

1. Ch Tobenlee Al Razi “Raz”
 1989 – Fiona Brown Elkner Vic

2. DUAL (Field Trial & Show) Ch Tobenlee Super Tramp “Sandy”(Novice Retrieving Trial Winner 40+ entries)
4th January 1993 – Fiona Brown-Elkner Vic

3. Ch Tobenlee Piping Hot “Remi”
15th February 1993 – Mrs M Di Natale Vic

4. Ch Tobenlee Th Magic Moment “Magic”
 1993 – Mrs K & Mr I Ward Qld

5. Ch Tobenlee Rebel Yell ‘Toppa”
 1993 – Mr T Bloor Qld

6. DUAL (Field Trial & Show) Ch Tobenlee Misty O Dee “Dee Dee”N.R.D (Novice Retrieving Trial Dog/Title)
29th August 1994 – Fiona Brown-Elkner Vic

7. Ch Tobenlee Rosie’s Dream “Rose”
 1994 – Mrs C Farrugia NSW

8. Ch Tobenlee Jac Flash “Jac”
 1995 – Mrs K & Mr I Ward Qld

9. Ch Tobenlee Rebel Rouser “Britt”
 1995 – Mrs C & Mr G Azzapardi Vic

10. Ch Tobenlee Rosie’s Image
 1995 -Miss A Toth Vic

11. Ch Tobenlee Azzas Choice “Brody”
 1996 – Mr G &Mrs C Azzapardi Vic

12. Ch Tobenlee My Jezabelle “Jessy”
 1996 -Mr R & Mrs J Johnson WA

13. Ch Tobenlee Girls Nite Out “Kesh”
 1997 – Fiona Brown-Elkner Vic

14. Ch Tobenlee Hi Society “Chloe”
 1997 – MS D Theobald Vic

15. Ch Tobenlee Th Wild Won “Woody”
 1997 – Mrs C Farrugia NSW

16. Ch Tobenlee Uptown Girl “Pepsi”
1997 – Fiona Brown-Elkner Vic

17. Ch Tobenlee I Kid You Not “Jordie”
1998 – Mrs S Hyatt  ACT

18. Ch Tobenlee Nite On Th Town “Zoe”
1999 – Mr G & Mrs M Manson NSW

19. Ch Tobenlee Guys Nite Out “Pepi”
2001 Miss K Veless Vic

20. Ch Tobenlee Gypsy Rose “Gypsy”
 2000 -Mr & Mrs R & D McCann Vic

21. Ch Tobenlee Tangerine Twist “Gabbie”
2000 Mr & Mrs A & C Gallie SA

22. Ch Tobenlee Burn The Floor “Toby”
2000 Mr & Mrs D & A Rogers Qld

23. Ch Tobenlee Fire N Ice “Sparky”
 2000 – Mrs S Hyatt  ACT

24. Ch Tobenlee Mandarin Orange “Ziggy”
 2001 -Mr & Mrs R & D McCann Vic

25. Ch Tobenlee My Kind O Girl “Dixie”
2001 Mr C & Mrs E Jones Vic

26. Ch Tobenlee Chocolate Soldier “Bear”
 2001 – Fiona Brown-Elkner Vic

27. Ch Tobenlee Th Bear Facts “Riley”
 2001 – D & A Rogers Qld

28. Ch Tobenlee Nite Jester “Jester”
2001 -MS D Theobald Vic

29. Ch Tobenlee Our Rebel Rose “Sophie”
 2001 -Mrs D Willett Qld

30. Ch Tobenlee Smokin Joe “Charlie”
 2002 -MS E Crisp SA

31. Ch Tobenlee the Full Monty “Milo”
 2003 -MS A Cilia Vic

32. Aust Grand Ch Tobenlee By DZine “Ace”
 2003 -Mrs C McMaster Vic

33. BISS Ch Tobenlee China Doll “Morgan”
2003 – MS J Sharrock Vic

34.Aust  Grand Ch Tobenlee Hot N Th City “Georgie”
 2004 -MS E Crisp SA

35. Ch Tobenlee Flirt With Me “Flirt”
 2004 – Fiona Brown-Elkner  Vic

36. Ch Tobenlee Fire Me Up
2004 owned By Mrs A E Grant-Salmon WA

37. Ch Tobenlee K-Cee Bandit “K-Cee”
2005 owned by Fiona Brown-Elkner Vic

38. Ch Tobenlee Champagne On Ice CD AD”Fizz”
2005 Owned By Mrs. J. Houston WA

39. Tobenlee One Nite Stand CDX,ADM, JDM,SPDX,SD,GD “Percy”
November 2011owned By Mrs D.L.Whitton NSW

40. CH. Tobenlee The Entertainer CDX, ADX, JDX, SPDX,ET  “Elton”
March 2010 owned by Mrs D. L. Whitton NSW

41. Ch Tobenlee Last Tango TNite “Kayla”
2007 owned by Ms Anne Cilia VIC

42. Ch Tobenlee One Last Time “Jaxson”
2007 owned by Mr. Con Chrys VIC

43. Ch Tobenlee Itz All About Us “Molly”
2007 owned by Fiona Brown -Elkner Vic

44. Tobenlee I like It Hot CDX, ADX,  ADO2,ADM,JDO,JDM4 ,SPDX, GDX “Cooper”

August  2014 owned by MS .S. Baker NT


45. Ch Tobenlee Lets Flaunt It “Macey”

2007 owned by Fiona Brown-Elkner  Vic


46. Ch Tobenlee My Southern Belle “Belle”

2008 owned by Mr.M. & Mrs S.Sargison NSW 


47. Ch Tobenlee As Good As It Gets “Sasha”

2008 owned by Fiona Brown-Elkner Vic .


48. Ch Tobenlee Sum Kinda Magic “Sophie”

2009 owned by Mrs.L.A & Mr.P.R.Thomas Vic


49. Ch Tobenlee Gossip Never Sleeps “Rumour”

2009 owned by Fiona Brown-Elkner Vic 


50. BISS Ch Tobenlee Twist N Th Nite Away “Twister”

2010 owned by Fiona Brown-Elkner Vic 


51. Ch Tobenlee Twist N Th Truth “Smokey”

2010 owned by Mr.A & Mrs V. Bourne NSW.


52. Ch Tobenlee All That Magic “Tequila”

2010 owned by Mr.A & Mrs V. Bourne NSW  


53. Ch Tobenlee Play N F Keeps “Annie”

2011 owned by Con Chris  Vic 


 54. Ch Tobenlee Hi There Reba “Reba”

2011 owned by Tony Alfieri Vic


55. Ch Tobenlee IM Just FlirtN “JoJo”

2011 owned by Fiona Brown-Elkner Vic

56. Ch Tobenlee Move On Over Boys “Ava”
2011 owned by Mr.A & Mrs V. Bourne NSW
57. CH Tobenlee I’ve Got Th Moves  “MoJo”
2012 owned by Tony Alfieri Vic
58. CH Tobenlee Southern Cross ” Indiana”
2012 owned by Tony Alfieri Vic
59. CH Tobenlee It Had To Be Me “Cosmo”
2012 owned by Fiona Brown-Elkner Vic
60. CH Tobenlee Flirt N With Danger “Zora”
2012 owned by Hannah Slocome W.A


61. CH Tobenlee With A Rebel Yell “Billy”
2012 owned by George and Carol Azzopardi VIC

62.CH Tobenlee A Little Piece Omagic
2012 Owned by Truhart Kennels VIC

63. GRAND CH Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger  CD , RA ,ET , JD, JC “Jagger “
2013 Owned By Samantha Ibbott Cordi NSW

64 . CH Tobenlee I’m Sexy And I Know It “Elle”
2014 0wned by Fiona Brown-Elkner & Tony Alfieri Vic

65. CH Tobenlee Show N Tell ET” Alice “

2015 Owned by Samantha Ibbott Cordi  NSW

66.CH Tobenlee Chase N Shadows RN,JC ” Samba ”
2015 Owned By Samantha Ibbott Cordi NSW

67.CH Tobenlee A Vision Of U “Dee Dee”
Owned By Fiona Brown Elkner & Tony Alfieri VIC

68.Neuter CH Tobenlee Savanna Spice ” Tay ”
2016 Owned By Rebecca Williams  NT

69. CH Tobenlee U Take My Breath Away CCD,RN.ET ” Jimmy ”
2017 Owned By Paul & Cheryl Reyment  VIC

70.CH Tobenlee Say What U Will  “Bee Bee”
2017 Owned By Rebecca Williams N.T

71.CH Tobenlee C I`m YR Honey CDX, RM  ” Honey ”
2018 Owned By Kerry Rogers NSW

72. Tobenlee Big Brown Eyes ADM,JDM,GD,SDX,SPDM” Cecil ”
2017 Owned By Debra Whitton  NSW